The judge in this Illinois drug case, laid a giant smack down on this drug possession. StarvedRock

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Usually a drug bust does come with a decent sixed bond. The larger the bust, the amount of drugs, the bigger the bond. Maybe the person has it all separated, with the intent to deliver...etc. You read about the size of the bond, and thing well...ok.


Then there is this drug bust. Donisha Crawford of Rock Island, IL was busted with the intent to deliver, heroin and fentanyl. Obviously that is no joke...The judge that set the bond on this SHOWED NO MERCY.

Hand in jail

I can't imagine the look on Donisha's face when the judge said:

"Ms. Crawford your bond is set at $5 million dollars."

Whoa, people. $5 million dollars? This is an incredible amount of money for a drug bust.


Illinois State Troopers pulled over Donisha Crawford near La Salle. The judge said that the reason for the huge bond was because of the alleged large amount of deadly drugs. Seems like the judge took into account the amount of people that "could be killed" because of the deadly drugs she was intending on selling. But $5 Million?

This drug bust was classified as a, "Class X Felony." From CriminalLawyersIL

"Short of first-degree murder, the most serious felony offense on the books in Illinois."

So she was treated by the court, and an attempted murderer...You really can't argue this one can ya?

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