A woman from Illinois lost her dentures, so she called the police.

I remember as a kid when my grandma would take her false teeth out and put them in a glass. It kind of freaked me out at first. I realize later, that's how she knew where they were.

A woman in Peoria, Illinois should have done the same thing.

According to pjstar.com,

"After searching for 10 days without success, a 72-year-old Peoria woman on Tuesday reported her missing false teeth stolen."

In the report, the woman told police she last saw her teeth on September 15th in the bathroom of her home. She went to the store and hasn't been able to find them since.

That's where she made her big mistake, she shouldn't go in public without them in the first place.

Her family tried to help, but no luck.

The apartment had no sign of wrongdoing.

In her eyes, it might seem like an emergency, but that is definitely not a reason to call 911.


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