Many unique ways to enjoy animals are offered by this wildlife park in Illinois.

Learning About Animals Is Good Family Fun

When my daughter was young, we would sometimes try to find fun things she could do that could also involve learning. A perfect example is visiting a zoo or wildlife park. She always enjoyed seeing the animals but also discovering interesting facts about them too.

Illinois Is Home To Many Great Places To Visit Animals

If you enjoy seeing animals, Illinois is a great place to live. There are many amazing places to visit that include all kinds of family fun. With the weather getting better, it is a good time to start planning some spring road trips. There are some under-the-radar places you might want to add to the must-see list.

Visit The Animals At Aikman Wildlife Adventure In Illinois This Summer

I just found a place that I have never visited and I have added it to my must-see list for this spring. It is Aikman Wildlife Adventure in Arcola, Illinois.

According to, 

"Aikman Wildlife Adventures' mission is to provide the highest quality of life possible to all wildlife in need while maintaining a family-friendly environment through interaction, education, and conservation and by creating an experience of a lifetime."


"Aikman Wildlife Adventure is host to over 200 animals comprised of over 70 different species native to six different continents."


"Each adventure provides a different experience from driving through our mile-long path of zebras, camels, water buffalo, and more to walking among many other animals."


Different Ways To Experience The Animals

Aikman Wildlife Park Offers a few different options to experience the animals.

  • Drive-Thru Adventure
  • Walk-Thru Adventure
  • Prehistoric Adventure
  • Wagon Adventure
  • Off-Road Adventure
  • Behind The Scenes Adventure
  • Encounters Get Up Close And Personal

For more info, HERE.

Babies of Illinois' Summerfield Zoo Are Ready to Meet Your Babies

A trip to the zoo to see the animals is always a highlight to my family's summer. This year, Belvidere's Summerfield Zoo has many baby animals you need to see.

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