This dude has a history of getting naked in public, and letting it all hang out. WGIL

Back in March, Jaeson Pierson was arrested AGAIN for indecent exposure. Yep, I said again...this dude from Galesburg. IL is well known by the local police as a guy that likes to bare it all in public. Imagine getting THAT call on the radio, "It's Jaeson again, and yes IT is out again."

A naked man is sitting cross legged on an empty beach and meditating.

So this time, he exposed himself to a women at a Econo parking lot. Jaeson yelled something as the lady, and then did what he does...exposes himself. Eww. Gross dude.

The cops were called to help him put it back in his pants, and things got a little hostile. Jaeson wanted nothing to do with the cops on the scene and started yelling and cursing at them, oh and then he spit at them. The naked man was apparently having a bad day.

Naked man covered by a leaf

Here's the kicker, like I said, Jaeson had a history of exposing himself in public...He was just arrested the DAY BEFORE for doing the exact same thing! Dude, keep it in your pants!

Nude Beach Sign

This arrest came with several charges, with all the pants down and spitting and f-bombing. Jaeson was arrested for:

Disorderly Conduct

Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer

Indecent Exposure.

Hopefully being behind bars for a little while, will help him keep his pants zipped up.

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Say cheese, Illinois!





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