Every state seems to have them- strange, unusual and downright dumb laws. Whether they're legit or not? Well, that's up for debate and for you to decide on your own.

With that said, just please don't go and give your dog whiskey or try to eat in a place that's on fire; which are both illegal in the state of Illinois.

Weird, right? Not as weird as what Thrillist says is the weirdest law in Illinois that you surely won't break, in fact, I think it should probably be illegal in Wisconsin:

Thrillist says,

"Plan your naps carefully in Illinois, lest you fall asleep in a cheese shop and break the law whilst not even being awake to remember it. "

So...it's illegal to fall asleep in a cheese shop?  Yes, yes it is.

See section 9 of the Sanitary Food Preparation Act:

Sec. 9. It shall be unlawful for any person to sleep, or to allow or permit any person to sleep in any work room of a bake shop, kitchen, dining room, confectionery, creamery, cheese factory, or any place where food is prepared for sale, served or sold, unless all foods therein handled are at all times in hermetically sealed packages.

Well there you have it.

See more weird laws here.

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