A traffic stop in Chicago Ridge, Illinois lead to quite an interesting find. You have your weed, your cash, your random drugs, but what about the smokes? PATCH


When a bag of weed was noticed during this traffic stop, it was just the beginning. I often wonder what these folks are thinking...You know you have a bunch of illegal stuff in your car, so why the joint in the ashtray or a bag of pot on the seat. You have the rest neatly packed away and hidden, but that...

Stop cigarette, woman hands breaking the cigarette with clipping path
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So with the bag of pot noticed, cops decided to search the car of Mohammad T. Akubakr. Jackpot!

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Seven pounds of weed

Hundreds of pills

The largest seizure of cash in the history of the Chicago Ridge Police Department.


Unstamped Cigarettes

Overhead view of cigarettes stacked together
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Being lost and confused by this, I had to do some serious deep diving into the Google word. Unstamped Cigarettes apparently do no have the tax stamp on them and they were stolen for resale. So weird.

Pack of cigarettes
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Mohammad T. Akubakr, 28, is facing multiple felonies for having these goodies on him. There were seven different types of pills, including Adderall and Hydrocodone. But what about the cash?? Saying that it was the largest cash collection in Chicago Ridge Police Department history, is no joke.

Smoking a cigarette

I had an extremely large amount of cash on me once, for a short period of time...I was really uncomfortable. Not to this level, but it was a lot.

The cops pulled out $129,000 in cash. OMG.

Pile of Money
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Thanks for playing Mohammad T. Akubakr. Buh-bye.

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