For a learning experience, a sheriff in Illinois spent the night in jail.

My Mom recently told me a story about a strange field trip she had in high school. Each year, they would take a group of students from her school to tour a jail. The teachers thought if the teenagers saw how bad life was behind bars, they wouldn't want to end up there. Several of the bad kids changed their behavior after the event.

Recently, a local sheriff decided to use jail as a learning experience but with a different twist.

According to,

"Kane County Sheriff, Ron Hain, announced he would spend the night in jail and intends to do so several times in the coming months to get a better understanding of life in the Kane County Adult Correctional Center."

There have been complaints about certain conditions in the prison including the quality of the food and temperature of the cells. Sheriff Hain has never worked for a corrections division, so he thought this would give him an up close and personal look at the problems.

One of his campaign promises was to help inmates achieve a crime-free life after doing time. He believes spending time in the jail will show them he cares about them and is invested in their future lives.

I look forward to a follow-up story to see how it all worked out.


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