A state representative in Illinois has proposed making I-80 into a toll road.

I often ask myself, where does all the money go? What does Illinois do with all the money from taxes, fees, tolls, and etc?

Apparently, they don't get enough because there have been many new ideas coming through to take more money out of our pockets.

Here's another one...

According to theherald-news.com,

"State Rep. Larry Walsh Jr., D-Elwood, has introduced legislation aimed at converting the local stretch of Interstate 80 into a tollway. Walsh said the legislation is needed if a $1 billion-plus plan for improvements is ever to get funded."

I've driven on I-80 and it's bad, especially around Joilet.

The state rep is saying this is the only way to get enough money to pay for the improvements.

I understand that the road is a mess but I think the last thing people need in Illinois is more tolls.

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