Illinois Policy's Adam Schuster explains in 5 examples why Illinoisans have so much distrust when it comes to our political leaders and their "agreements."

Adam Schuster is the Director of Budget and Tax Research for Illinois Policy, and he's got a piece up at entitled "5 Broken Tax Promises Show Why Illinois Voters Distrust Pritzker's 'Fair Tax.'"

At first, Pritzker's plan for a progressive (also known as "Fair") tax for Illinois was met with some pretty good polling numbers. More people than not were willing to give his tax plan the benefit of the doubt.

However, as time has gone on, and more people learned about some of the plan's specifics, that enthusiasm has begun to subside, and some hard-earned Illinois tax payer cynicism has set in.

When you hear Adam explain how so many previous promises went straight down the drain, you can see why there's so much distrust: