Why not bounce around important topics.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

On May 30th the Illinois Senate passed a landmark bill, about trampoline safety?

According to Illinois Policy  the senate passed a bill about the safety of trampolines in Illinois. Now while I'm all about safety, are the priorities a little weird here?

We are looking at things like, oh I don't know state budgets and tax hikes, bills about crime and environmental issues...not as important I guess?

No balanced budget in 15 plus years, former governors behind bars, but you know what our trampoline parks will be safe.

So here is the responsibility of the state of Illinois with the trampoline bill:

  • This will force the Department of Revenue to purchase thousands of dollars worth of new inspection equipment
  • Pay travel and overtime for the new required inspections

No wonder so many people are bouncing out of this state at a rapid rate.



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