There's a good chance you're breaking the law every time you mow your lawn so don't do this to avoid being fined.

Important Illinois Law For Mowing Your Lawn

I have to apologize if I seem a little grumpy while writing this article. I just got in from doing a chore I absolutely despise. That is mowing the lawn. I understand some people actually enjoy it but not me. Plus, my allergies always go crazy after I'm done.

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I'll never be that guy on my block who has the perfect lawn. I'll keep it up but sorry, I'm not going above and beyond. I'll just fly through it as fast as possible and maybe even take a couple of shortcuts along the way.

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I did learn something very important this week. I was just getting done with my yard when one of my neighbors gave me a heads-up. I'm glad he said something because the only thing worse than mowing the lawn is getting fined for not doing it correctly.

Mowing the grass
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Did you know there's a law about grass clippings? Me either. Apparently, you can't blow them into the street while you're mowing. In fact, it's against the law and you can get fined for doing it. The city should drive down my street because they would make a lot of money.

In reality, this is actually a good law. Yes, I can't believe I just said it. First of all, those clippings make the road slick and dangerous for motorcycles and bicycles. It will clog the street drains and cause flooding. The grass can pollute the water systems in town. Plus, it just looks bad.

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So next time you mow your lawn, make sure you bag it or at least aim the clippings away from the street. That way you avoid being that person in the neighborhood and you don't get fined.

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