If ghosts, spirits, and all things haunted aren't your jam, you had better turn away now. I got chills just reading all the stories about one of the most haunted places in Illinois.

Credit: Google Street View

Normally I would give you morcels of information before dropping the location of a place like this but it's too good to delay. This is the front of the property known ad McPike Mansion in Alton, Illinois.

As you see on the sign out front, the mansion was constructed in 1869. Keep that date in mind because we'll get back to that in a moment.

Credit: FOX2 (St. Louis), YouTube

Alton, Illinois is said to be one of the top 25 haunted places to visit in Illinois. After reading about McPike Mansion, I'm not sure why anyone would want to take a road trip here unless they were a tad bit crazy.

There are so many stories surrounding paranormal activity at McPike Mansion, which was built by Henry Guest McPike. It has been a destination for many psychics, mediums, and paranormal experts for many years. Some of their discoveries, or reports, are incredibly eerie, to say the least.

Credit: Halloween Life, YouTube

In total, 11 spirits are said to exist in the mansion today. (That's 11 too many if you ask me.) In fact, these reports are documented with "ample evidence."

The most confirmed reports, if that is the correct word, are Henry, his wife Eleanor, and their family. It is said they wander the corridor and watch the current owners' actions. (Right there, I'm out.)

Credit: James August Productions, YouTube

What makes the inside of this building even more uncomfortable is the other spirits seen inside.

Other mysterious stories include servants of the building, a cook in the kitchen, and the strange death of a woman in the bathtub.

If that weren't enough, the spirits documented on the property go beyond the mansion. Native American ghosts have been reported on-site as well, dating back to well before the mansion was built in 1869.

Credit: Google Street View

Here are a few videos about what's inside McPike Mansion.