Well apparently you guys like storied about women hiding random objects...inside them. We had the drug grab bag lady, and Monday was the woman with a LOADED GUN inside her. Guess what I found? Wait "I" didn't find a thing, besides another amazing story! PATCH

Cops pulled over Anthony X. Aranda for speeding and driving like a maniac. He was drunk, refused a breath test and was thrown in the back of a squad car. But what about the passenger? Imelda Marines wasn't sober either, so they couldn't legally turn the car over to her. The officers camera system caught an interesting conversation between the couple...Oh crap we have a ton of guns and drugs at the house, what do we do. Well, for starters don't say that on camera.

Kristina Flour

Imelda Marines had outstanding warrants for her arrest. They were for drunken driving and another was for a traffic offense...so apparently she's in a lot more trouble then she thought, but wait...THERE'S MORE!

Obviously she was arrested and brought into the police station, where she admitted she had methamphetamines on the inside, so the cops wouldn't find them. Ewwww.

She is a gang member, has a rap sheet a mile long, been busted for drugs and weapons over and over AND hide meth on the inside of her body.

Cook County Sheriff's Dept

A search of their home found:

    • a sawed-off shotgun
    • cocaine
    • cannabis
    • drug paraphernalia used for the manufacture and delivery of narcotics

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