What is wrong with people?!?! I can't believe someone could do something like this to a child.

A Waukegan man has been charged with killing his girlfriend's daughter because the child spilled juice on his video game console.

Lake County Jail
Lake County Jail

Four-year-old Skylar Mendez was left in the care of 19-year-old Johnathan Fair where it's being reported that she spilled juice on his Xbox.

Per an indictment, Fair punished the child by allegedly beating her and kicking her down the hallway of the home.

Once the child passed out, Fair then brought her to the hospital where he told doctors she had fallen and hit her head.

Due to the conflicting accounts that Fair was giving as to what happened, he later admitted to beating and shaking the 4-year-old Mendez.

According to the doctors Mendez had brain swelling. Hospital staff had noticed this wasn't the first time the child had been abused. She also showed signs of previous shaking and abuse, which dates back several months.

Fair bond has been set at $5 million. He is currently being held at Lake County Jail and was indicted on four counts of first-degree murder.

He is set to appear before a judge on February 17, 2019.

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