I thought I had weird neighbors... A 21-year-old Kingston man has been arrested for leaving something on his neighbor's porch. You won't guess what it was.

This was the last thing I thought I would read about today. Seriously the last thing.

Jay Behles has been arrested and is being held in the DeKalb County jail after leaving a treat on his neighbor's front porch.

What he left was 15-20 frog carcasses!

WHAT!? According to a local news source,

Behles is being charged with criminal damage to property after Sheriff's deputies say he caught 15-20 frogs Monday evening, skinned them, and then left the carcasses at his neighbor's house across from him on Willow Street.


There are a few things in this story that I can't quite wrap my head around. What in the world did his neighbor do to deserve this? Did Behles think that maybe his neighbor really liked frog legs and was trying to bring him some for dinner? Who has time to go finding that many frogs to being with?

All I can do is sit in my chair and shake my head.