The biggest collection of 8-track tapes in the world is located in Illinois.

I remember my Dad had an 8-Track tape player in his car. I heard some great music for the very first time while riding with him. Those are some great memories.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the best format so technology passed it by and 8-track tapes went away as fast as they hit the scene.

Some music fans still collect them for nostalgia.

According to in Quincy, Illinois,

"He found a couple of 8-tracks in an old console stereo he brought at a thrift store. His collection grew when a neighbor was throwing out his old 8-tracks. When others found out Bob collected 8-tracks, random strangers would show up at his door with more."


"He has a massive collection of 8-track tapes, 93,337."

"Storing them is his biggest dilemma. He has run out of space in his basement and you even his garage is full. They’re all in working order. It wasn’t just music, I have instructional tapes for motor homes, John Deere tractors."

Do you still have any 8-tracks?

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