A professional grocery bagger from Illinois is heading to nationals.

Whenever I'm in a situation where I have to bag my own groceries, it never quite works out. I'm just not good at it. I usually put way too much stuff and it breaks. Sometimes they just spill all over my trunk. I'm glad when I worked at a store, I was a stock boy. I don't think I would have lasted as a bagger.

I guess it just takes a special touch. Now, you can show off your skills at a national competition. One of the top-rated grocery baggers is from Illinois and not far from Rockford.

According to journalstandard.com,

"For Stephen Benson of Warren, working as a grocery bagger is about speed, accuracy and making sure the customer is happy. It is this mindset that he used when he won his second straight title as the Illinois Best Bagger at a competition at the Illinois Food retailers Convention in Chicago. It took fewer than 53 seconds for him to earn his second title, and now he is preparing to compete at nationals in February in San Diego."

That's really impressive. Good luck to Stephen at nationals.

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