The Dr. Seuss Experience is bringing a house call of fun for this Illinois city.

Dr. Seuss Was And Still Is My Favorite

When I was a kid, the Dr. Suess books were my favorite. Who could not love "Green Eggs and Ham," "Cat in the Hat," and so many other great books? My parents made sure I had them all. I passed them down to my daughter and she really enjoyed them too. I was such a big fan, I actually got to meet the man himself at a book signing.

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Even though I do not read the books anymore, I will still watch the movies and television specials. Especially, around the holidays.

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Special Dr. Seuss Exhibit Coming To Chicago


Details For The Dr. Seuss Experience

According to,

"The Dr. Seuss Experience is an imaginative and interactive immersion into the wondrous world of Dr. Seuss."

​"This Seuss-tacular sensory spectacle takes each guest on an awe-inspiring journey through nine different Dr. Seuss books, allowing each visitor a chance to magically step into the pages of each of the books."

Netflix 'Green Eggs & Ham' Los Angeles Premiere
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Happening at Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago. It opens on October 8th.

For more info and to purchase tickets, HERE.

Video: The Dr.Seuss Experience Review!

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