A man in Illinois learned a valuable lesson and that's not to commit insurance fraud because you will end up in jail.

Police Arrest Illinois Man For Insurance Fraud

Dumb criminals pulling stupid crimes in Illinois come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the suspects would surprise you. I don't think you can stereotype them anymore. This guy was living in Naperville when he was pulling these scams. Isn't that supposed to be the best place to live in the United States or something? Yeah, right.

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Before we had all this technology, I believe crime was much easier. The police didn't have these scientific methods to help them solve cases. I think the criminals thought scams are easier nowadays but the cops will eventually track them down to arrest them.

Since almost everything is kept on computers things like scams and fraud are much easier to track. You can't just steal a bunch of money and believe that no one is going to figure it out. Oh, they will and that thief will be going to jail.

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This genius thought he could get away with Insurance fraud. He claimed there was a nice set of tools stolen from him. Here's his first mistake. He never owned those items so there's no proof of purchase. The company and police are going to want to know the value.

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He filed a false police report and insurance claim. That's a double whammy in the illegal department. The suspect thought he got away with it once, so a year later the guy did it again. Wow, that takes the stupidity to the next level.

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By the way, each claim was for over $10,000. Someone is going to be missing that cash and they're going to find it. Enjoy your time in the slammer.

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