When I think about the latest trends for new amenities being added to homes in Illinois, this new thing wasn't even on my radar.

Many Illinois Homeowners Are Adding Something Unique To Their Bathrooms

When I was growing up, my father traveled a lot for his work. He would visit the different company branches around the world. My mother and I sometimes met him somewhere cool for a vacation.

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The summer before my freshman year of high school, we were able to travel to Europe with my dad. It was my first time traveling overseas. I remember walking into the hotel room bathroom and asking him why did we have two toilets. He got a good laugh out of that. That's when I learned about bidets

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If you're not familiar, it's a bathroom plumbing fixture that looks similar to a toilet. You use it to clean yourself after going number two. Many other countries besides the United States have them in their homes. Americans still love their toilet paper.

Toilet Paper
Bidets Replacing Toilet Paper (iStock)

A couple of months ago, I went to visit a friend. He had been telling me about all the work he did on his house including in the bathroom. My buddy was explaining that when it came to his new toilet, he went all in and went with the top of the line. The guy purchased one that also worked as a bidet.

I was a little confused about why he would go in that direction but then he explained. Bidets are the hottest new trend for home improvements in Illinois. Residents started adding them during the great toilet paper shortage of 2020 and the sales have been growing ever since.


The units being installed here are not separate, they are combined with a toilet so you don't have to worry about needing extra space. The high-end brands include heated seats and water. The started kits are just hoses kind of like on your kitchen sink. Don't be surprised if you start seeing them throughout our state.

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