An Illinois high school was put on lockdown today, with reports of a student with a gun. Five students are in custody. NBCChicago 

Highland Park High School which is about 25 miles from downtown Chicago, was put on lockdown today after reports came in of a student with a gun. Other Highland Park schools were also put on lockdown.

"Highland Park Police are continuing to investigate reports of a student in possession of a gun at school, the scene has been secured and law enforcement has confirmed that there is no credible reason to continue the lockdown at Highland Park High School." _ Highland Park, IL

Five students were put into custody, there is no further info about these students at this time.

Here is an update about the situation at Highland Park High School


Here is more from what happened at Highland Park High School today:

"Immediately following the report of that tip, Highland Park High School reported the tip to law enforcement, as Highland Park High School began investigating the tip, another student came forward to report seeing a student with a gun. At that point, Highland Park Police Department was already on the scene and advised HPHS to go into lockdown." -  Superintendent Bruce Law

This story comes a few short days after a 9-year-old Illinois boy brought a loaded gun to daycare, in a backpack. The gun went off when he set his backpack down.


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