You're done with high school and unsure of your future...Maybe finding a community college to save some cash, and continue your education will be the best bet. You can stay close to home, or even remain living at home. Did you know that going to community college in Illinois can be expensive too?

WalletHub has put together a list of best and worst community colleges across the country. These results were found using a few different formulas. What was figured out when it comes to community colleges in Illinois is shocking.

Individual community colleges, however, vary in quality and affordability. To determine where students can receive the best education at the lowest price, WalletHub compared more than 650 community colleges across 19 key indicators of cost and quality. Our data set ranges from the cost of in-state tuition and fees to student-faculty ratio to graduation rate. - Wallethub

So when it comes to "Costs of in-state tuition and fees," things are a little wild here in Illinois. 4 of the 5 most expensive community colleges are in the "Land of Lincoln."

  • T-661. Joliet Junior College (IL)
  • T-661. Community College of Beaver County (PA)
  • T-661. Parkland College (IL)
  • T-661. Sauk Valley Community College (IL)
  • T-661. Kankakee Community College (IL)

Illinois has 40 community colleges, here are the top 5 in the state:

William Rainey Harper College

Elgin Community College

Oakton Community College

Moraine Valley Community College

College of Lake County

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