With nearly 3000 lakes in Illinois, which one is the deepest? The answer to this question might shock you. AZANIMALS

Summer is here and boating, water skiing, tubing, etc. is happening on out near 3000 lakes in Illinois. Even if you don't ever make it to a lake, you will for sure see a massive boat being hauled at a gas station this summer.

So which lake in the state of Illinois is the deepest? The answer is Lake Michigan, but how deep is it??? The max depth, is 925 feet and an average depth of 279 feet. Wow!

Here's other facts about Lake Michigan in Illinois:

  • The Great Lakes Commission estimates that Lake Michigan can reach a maximum depth of 925 feet or nearly the height of a 92-story structure.
  • Among the largest freshwater lakes in the world, Lake Michigan is the fourth largest lake overall

But where is Lake Michigan the deepest? Where is the absolute deepest point of Lake Michigan? North of us, is Wisconsin. The Chippewa Basin in Wisconsin to be specific. The average annual temperature is 39 degrees, but because the temps of Lake Michigan year round this will not freeze entirely.

There's nothing quite like the science of it all. With water so freakin' deep and covering so much space, 321 miles long and has a maximum width of 118 miles...There's a lot going on. Oh and the AMOUNT of water? How about one quadrillion gallons of water. Dang. Here's more science on Lake Michigan:

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