The JR-15 is a smaller version of an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle, that comes with the sales pitch:

Get ’em One Like Yours

The JR-15 comes with "smaller features" and it is lighter, so it can be handles by a minor. BUT it does comes with added safety features, so the minor can learn how to use it in a safe manner.


Illinois lawmakers aren't digging this one bit, so action is being taken. NBCCHICAGO

“We’ve gone after the marketing that has historically driven up the consumption by minors for those products that are harmful to them, the firearms industry shouldn’t be immune to the standards that we put on other industries.” - Democratic Attorney General Kwame Raoul

Attorney General Kwame Raoul has also fought to ban advertising by large tobacco, towards kids and also vape products.


Democratic Gov. J.B. Pritzker has pledged to sign this, but gun rights folks strongly disagree. They state that this is a violation of their free speech, and it also violates the gun owners constitutionally protected right to own guns. Pritzker also signed into action at the beginning of the year, a ban on semi-automatic weapons.

“They're infringing on your Second Amendment rights by taking away your First Amendment rights," - foundation spokesperson Mark Oliva 

Illinois would NOT be the only state to do this, they would be the 8th.


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