Wadsworth, Illinois' Gold Pyramid House, completed in 1982, wasn't a total loss, but was damaged extensively on Tuesday.

From the Daily Herald:

Firefighters were called to the iconic six-story-tall, 17,000-square-foot home about 4pm on Tuesday. Gurnee firefighters received a report of an elderly man in a wheelchair and a dog trapped in the home. Fire officials said bystanders were able to rescue the man, while firefighters went in looking for the dog.

Extremely heavy smoke on the third, fourth and fifth floors, as well as the unique and confusing layout of the home, caused several firefighting companies to become lost in the house, ABC 7 reported. All were rescued or were able to eventually find their way out.

Fire officials said two or three firefighters sustained very minor injuries and none needed treatment at a hospital, ABC 7 reported. The dog died in the fire, officials said.


In a strange twist, firefighters said that the moat turned out to be helpful because they were able to draw water from it to fight the fire. Though firefighters kept their hoses trained on the flames for hours, the fire ate away much of the north side of the home and left black scars along the west side as well.

Here's some tourist-captured video of the Gold Pyramid House taken about 5 years ago:

If you've got a little time, here's an extended look:

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