We're on the brink of a BIG national holiday... for superhero lovers, Sunday is National Comic Book Day! And on a day like this we have to dig into superhero facts.

Superheros are SUPER popular. Like SUPER popular. But you know that, you've seen superheroes on TV, in movies and all over social media, but before they took over all of those screens, they were in comic books.

Sometimes I forget that, too.

Thankfully we have website like Wisevoter to remind us.

Wisevoter recently put together a list of the most popular superheros across the country and this is one of those times that Illinois' pick is actually in line with the rest of the states!

We are pretty much all vying for as much info as we can about Spider-man!

America’s Favorite Comic Book Superhero by State, Wisevoter
America’s Favorite Comic Book Superhero by State, Wisevoter

We're not alone by any means, Spider-man is actually the top hero in 25 different states, followed by Batman in ten states.

Fun Wisevoter fact: since the pandemic started, the comic book industry has grown over 60% in sales.

That's kind of huge.

I myself was never a huge superhero fan. I know, I'm sorry. I blame my brothers for this one... while I do remember watching a few Batman cartoons as a kid, we spent most of our free time watching Indiana Jones and Top Gun, which I suppose is a different kind of 'superhero,' to some.

Who's your favorite superhero or comic book character?


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