OK big question for the class, what occupation would you NOT like to see somebody get high before doing? Yah...emergency room nurse is probably towards the top. Pantagraph

A "former" nurse at Stroger Hospital in Cook County, IL popped a gummy and did her shift extremely high back in 2020. Yikes, how scary.

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She kept people updated on how high she was, on social media. She posted a pic (now deleted) holding a yellow pot gummy. That got her reported pretty much right away, good looking out people.

Nurse writing on patient's chart.
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Here were some comments that she posted about being high and working as an emergency room nurse. Let's start with the gummy kicking in:

“Omg!!!!! Tingling more now, all over!!!!!!”

Then there was this scary one, yikes:

“But im still getting my ivs on 1st stick.”

What in the hell, wow.

After the fact she admitted doing to shift extremely high and performing "invasive medical procedures." That's messed up right there. As you can imagine she was fired from her job at the hospital.

Doctor and nurse reviewing medical chart in clinic
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Oh there's one more story about this nurse...Hold on for this one. She also took medical supplies from the Stroger Hospital AND performed an invasive procedure at someone's home. Seriously. There were a couple people she knew that were feeling ill, so she gave them an "IV Flush." She actually offered the couple, morphine in their IV's...but the couple declined. Dude.


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