If you're drunk and drive down railroad tracks, you're probably going to get arrested.

A man in Riverside, Illinois had what I would call a bad night.

According to abc7chicago.com,

"A Chicago man with no driver's license was charged Thursday after his vehicle got stuck on a railroad crossing while he was driving drunk and drinking a beer in west suburban Riverside." 

Officers responded to a call about a car driving eastbound on the Burlington Northern tracks. When they arrived they found Esteban Garcia-Ortiz.

If you're going to get arrested at least make it worthwhile.

It's quite the impressive list of charges.

His violations included felony counts of aggravated drunk driving, improper lane usage, no valid driver's license, no vehicle insurance, driving with open alcohol and misdemeanor drunk driving.

The drunk man was driving on what he thought was a road. It was actually railroad tracks. The car got stuck on them. At the same time, he was drinking a beer. Also, Garcia-Ortiz has never had a driver's license.

Esteban failed a field sobriety test.

It took forty minutes to remove his car from the train tracks.

By the way, this is the third time in two months that a drunk driver has been stuck at this same railroad crossing in Riverside, Illinois.

Thanks to the RPD for posting the arrest on Twitter.

Remember, Uber is much safer.


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