While spring cleaning, a Naperville couple found a box of Uranium in their house.

I was going through my basement over the weekend.

It's funny the things I found. My yearbooks, an old football jersey, ticket stubs from concerts, and a bunch of other old ball stuff that I can't believe I've kept.

I'm glad I didn't find anything like a couple in Naperville discovered.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"Elizabeth and Tom Obrachta contacted Naperville officials after they found a suspicious package while cleaning the basement. The package label said it contained pure uranium."

How in the world does someone end up with something like that in their home?

The woman's ex-husband was a research scientist. They figured the box had been there for over thirty years.

The police did close off the area while experts investigated the material. It was found to be radioactive but not at a dangerous level, so the neighborhood was safe. The family was tested and they were fine too.

The Illinois Emergency Management Agency took the Uranium to dispose of currently.

I wonder what that would be worth on "Antique Road Show?"

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