Winter in the Midwest can be brutal, but where's the coldest place in Illinois?

I lived in northern Illinois my whole life. I enjoy the fact we get to experience all four seasons. I know that winter is going to be cold. Every once in awhile, we might get lucky with a mild one. If that happens, the next couple will be miserable to make up for it.

So that poses the question, where is the coldest city in Illinois?

" has come up with a list of the coldest cities in each state."

"All average annual temperatures are compiled from weather data collected from 1981 to 2010."

For Illinois, it's actually a tie between two places. Surprisingly, they are both close to Rockford.

"Two cities in north central Illinois are tied for the coldest: Dixon and Freeport. Both have an average annual low of 38 degrees."

I think the river effect weather off the Rock is keeping us off the top spot.

Well, those are the coldest places, what is the warmest?

"A city in the southern part of the state, Cairo, takes the lead in average annual temp with 68 degrees."

Now you know where to spend and not spend the summers and winters in Illinois.

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