Recreational marijuana businesses have been banned by this city in Illinois.

Not everyone is happy with the legalization of cannabis in our state. Those people are doing what they can to make it difficult in their area.

According to,

"Recreational marijuana businesses won’t be allowed in Morton, Illinois. Village Board members voted unanimously to ban recreational marijuana growers, cultivation centers, and dispensing, processing and transporting facilities that could have set up shop in Morton after the passage of a new law legalizing recreational marijuana within Illinois."

How is this possible?

"The measure allows ordinances that can not only ban such businesses but also to create to “reasonable” zoning restrictions for cultivation centers, craft growers, processing organizations and dispensaries. On-site consumption may also be regulated by local governments."

This isn't the first time Morton has gone against the state. They've also banned video gambling.

Village officials plan on adding more weed related ordinances before January 1st, 2020.

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