A family in Illinois had their bobcat taken away by police because it's an illegal pet.

I've written about it several times on our website. There are certain types of animals that you can't have as pets in the state of Illinois. Big cats are included in that list.

A family found that our first hand.

According to kwqc.com,

"Illinois conservation police have seized a pet bobcat from a family in Swansea."

The owner of the bobcat claims she has a permit to own one and it has been officially renewed.

They paid $1,800 for the animal, which included declawing and neutering.

The pet was seized by IDNR because the people were in unlawful possession of a dangerous animal.


The family wants their cat back. They have started an online petition and GoFundMe page.

Next time they might want to stick with a normal kitty from the shelter.


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