Growing up in Freeport, I had some "unusual" foods I suppose. My mom attempted to feed my liver and onions at one point, no thanks. There was was ring bologna stuff fried in a pan...yuck. But for the most part everything else was good.

I came across this page talking about what kids ate growing up in Wisconsin...Some I've heard of, some I have no idea what it is. Now I'll go out on a limb and say a nice casserole is some great midwest comfort food that I find zero issues with. ONMilwaukee 

Here are Eight "Gross" Foods Kids Growing up in Wisconsin Ate:

Sandwich spread - Yah, seen this stuff...different varieties, never had it. 

Casseroles - Only one that's a no-no is a "tuna" casserole. 

Brussels sprouts - What kid from ANY state enjoyed these?

Liver - I'll pass, pass it on by me to the next person...every time.

Tuna casserole - This one get it's one category. That's how gross it is. 

Jambalaya - Midwest, not NOLA. Pass and pass again. 

Sugar bread - Instead on that ten cent pack of Now and Laters, this passed as a sweet. WTH

SpaghettiOs - Been there, done that. When a kid is hungry, this and a peanut butter bread...perfect.

There you go, "gross" Wisconsin kid food. Truly not all that bad, SpaghettiO's? Not that I would, but  seriously that doesn't sound too bad right now!


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