Well, if nothing else, the gang at SelfStorage.com should get some credit for coming up with one of the more bizarre questions I've seen all week. They get even more credit for providing some interesting comparisons.

Oh, well. It's Friday, so something somewhat bizarre is just what the doctor ordered. Before we take a look at what we can fit into Illinois (assuming, once again, that our state was a storage facility), a couple of facts about Illinois:

  • 25th largest U.S. state by area
  • 57,913 square miles
  • We would rank as the 92nd largest country (by area) out of around 200 countries
  • 109 of the world's countries are smaller than Illinois

So, let's assume that you've got a few countries lying around gathering dust, and you've decided to stow them away for awhile until you need them. Who'll fit in the Illinois Storage Facility?

If Illinois were a storage unit

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