Have you filled out the 2020 United States Census survey yet?

Unless you've been living off the grid, I'm pretty sure you're aware of the 2020 U.S. Census survey. They've been promoting it everywhere including radio, TV, internet, Social Media, and more.

I received my letter in the mail last week. If you haven't gotten yours yet, it should be arriving soon.

Honestly, at first, I looked at it with dread, but after completing it, I'm so glad I made the effort. Seriously, at the most, it took ten minutes. Considering they only do it every ten years, that's nothing. Plus, I think you'll have a little bit of extra time on your hands. At least for the next couple of weeks.

It actually does help our community.

"For every person NOT counted, our community loses approximately $15,350 per person (over 10 years) in federal funding for schools, roads, housing, safety, and other public services. Plus, Census data is also used to determine our political representation at all levels of government."

It's pretty darn simple. When your letter arrives, you'll find an I.D. number inside. Go to the website, enter that number, and fill out the simple questions. That's it.

For more info, HERE.

Please do your part and help out the Rockford area.

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