Sometimes a good frozen pizza and some good tv watching is needed. Check out this colossal frozen pizza section at a Wisconsin grocery store, whoa!

I've always thought the frozen pizza/food section at Woodman's in Rockford was huge, this is the biggest I've EVER seen.

Michael Bradley filmed the gigantic frozen pizza section at a Woodman's in Kenosha, Wisconsin. It NEVER ends! I know that grocery stores do serious research into what "works" in a certain area, and what brands and products sell the most...Kenosha, Wisconsin apparently ONLY eats frozen pizza.

Watch this!!!


What in the world is going on in Kenosha? Now for the comedy gold that comes with something as ridiculous as this...Let's go to the comments section of this video:

HM Murdock - 
I never understood frozen pizza. You could go to little Caesar’s already made at a lower price. Same quality also
Steven With a V - 
Moments like this I am so glad I live in NYC. There are 4 pizza places within 2 blocks where I can get a delicious fresh slice or pie.
Doug Stewart - 
That isn’t a typical grocery store in WI. That is Woodman’s—which is the absolute heaven on Earth of grocery stores. Double the size and selection of any normal store. The awesome pizza selection is an incidental by-product of that.
Some Peeple Call me Maurice - 
I'll see your pizza in Wisconsin and raise you Spam aisle in Hawaii
Among the Wildflowers - 
So only bachelors live in Wisconsin?

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