A house on the east side has by far the best holiday light display in Rockford.

Yesterday was just an average Sunday for myself. I cooked dinner, did laundry and cleaned the house. My husband on the other hand spent the greater part of his Sunday outside hanging Christmas lights.

I like to refer to him as Clark Griswold. He loves Christmas and takes his holiday lights seriously. One year he turned the entire front of our house into a large Santa hat. This year is much different.

Last night I watched him as his wheels were turning on how he could turn the front porch into his masterpiece. He decided to call it "Snowing in Chicago." Yeah... its a bunch of white lights that have snowflakes on top of his 'skyline' of red lights. He isn't too sure what he wants to do with the blue lights to make Lake Michigan.


I guess I will have to wait until I get home today to see his finished masterpiece.

One home in Rockford really pulled out all the stops this year for their holiday lights. Over 6,000 lights to be exact.

If you would like to visit this home to see the lights in person, WIFR.com reports that the house is on the 3300 block of Plaza Court in Rockford.

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