We love Daniel Petrie and what he does for the Rockford community, but does he rock?

Photo - Danial Petrie
Photo - Danial Petrie

This guy loves our community, and Rockford loves him back. Danial Petrie is the creator of the "Fatherhood Encouragement Project".

The Fatherhood Encouragement Project is a foundation of fathers united to restore the wholeness of the family structure by cultivating authentic relationships through affirmation leadership and mentorship. For more information about The Fatherhood Encouragement Project, click here.

While his words and actions are incredible, does Danial rock? We are doing an "All Out 80's Weekend" on 96.7 The Eagle, so we wanted to test his knowledge of 1980's rock. Tease up that hair and slide into your pink leather pants Danial Petrie, let's ROCK!




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