If you break down on an Illinois Highway, here's a way to know exactly where you are located.

I've had it happen to me a couple of times in my life.

I'm on I-90 on my way to Chicago and my car breaks down.

I call for roadside assistance and the first thing they ask me is "Where am I at?" so they can send a tow truck.

Saying I'm somewhere between Rockford and Chicago doesn't help.

How do I know my exact location?

Thanks to the Twitter feed of the Illinois Tollway, now I know.

That is very helpful information.

If you can tell them what mile marker you are nearest to, the faster they can get you help.

You might have to walk a little to find the next sign but in the long run, that will work out better than not knowing.

Also, having the *999 number programmed into your phone is a good idea. That way if your mind goes blank and you can't remember it.

Anything that helps travel become safer is good information to know.


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