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So let's get real with this whole $10,000 thing, you will want beer...and lots of it.

Let's give it a local swing and get as much as we can, and make sure it's good beer too. You grab the Rockford flyer from Woodman's at they have the 30-pack cubes of Busch Light for $15...after finding someone much smarter to do the math, and a couple friends with truck, you head to the store that's employee owned!


30-Pack Busch Light - $15 

Won $10,000 on 96.7 The Eagle

666, 30-Packs of Busch Light = $9,990

19,980 Beers

You Win


O.K., sure there are more reasonable things to spend $10,000 on, but you know that would be fun...oh, and you would invite us over. I'll bring a small bag of ice.

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