As a kid, one of my favorite gameshows was Press Your Luck.

I remember it airing on the USA Network, which also happened to air the best Saturday morning cartoons, but it's a completely different network now the last time I watched it. (I haven't had cable in quite a while.)

There were a couple of game shows I got super pumped about there was always the Price is Right when you were home sick from school and Press Your Luck was another.

It was mainly because of the Whammies, but who didn't love the Whammies?

To this day I'll still say a 'No Whammy, Big Money, and Stop' just because.

I have seen the Wii version at Family Video, but haven't rented it yet.

So color me surprised when earlier today I see on my FaceBook newsfeed an ad for a new version that is set to premiere on ABC this week!!

The 2019 version will be hosted by actress Elizabeth Banks and will air its first show this Wednesday the 12th at 7pm.

Here's the same promo I saw:

I might just have to check this out. Will you?

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