Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year. Since it's a weekday, when is the best day to celebrate.

When I was a kid, Halloween was basically one day, October 31st.

My friends and I would put on our costumes, wear them to school, have a class party, go "Trick or Treating" after school, and that was Halloween.

If it fell on a weekday, too bad. A weekend Halloween was the best. Especially, on a Saturday.

Nowadays, Halloween is the whole month of October.

I think that's great for parents. I've spent a lot of money on costumes for my daughter when she was little. The more times she could wear it, the better. Of course, she couldn't use the same one more than one year.

If you check out gorockford.com, there are plenty of Halloween related events happening in the Rockford all through October.

It works out well for adults too. When Halloween falls during the week, the real parties usually happen on the weekend. This year, it's right in the middle. That way you can party the weekend before and after. Plus, if you're diehard, the actual day too.

Again, if you're going to invest in a costume. Wearing it more than once is ideal.

In the case of wanting to be official, romper.com has done the research to discover when the correct time to celebrate Halloween.

"After doing a quick search of planned Halloween events in various cities, it appears that Halloween weekend 2018 is, indeed, the weekend before the actual day. To me, this makes sense. After all, since Halloween falls on the last day in October, the following weekend is November and you're finally starting to move past Halloween and towards Thanksgiving."

Whatever you decide, be safe and have fun.

When will you celebrate Halloween?


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