You know that feeling when you're going out of state and you can't wait to eat that state's SIGNATURE dish? Like when you're headed to the coast and can't wait for some fresh fish. Well, every state has a dish like that and we found out what people look forward to when they visit Illinois and Wisconsin.

Think you know what they are? Let's test your local knowledge.

According to Insider -

We teamed up with Foursquare, who analyzed menus, tips, ratings, and more, to find the foods that are most popular in — as well as most unique to — each state.

So what're the results? Drumroll please ...

The most popular local dish in Illinois is ...

Credit Chicago's Best Via Youtube
Credit Chicago's Best Via Youtube

Italian beef! That's right, the ultimate indulgence. Whether its from your local fast food joint, or the famous Portillo's I really hope you've had one before.

Now to Wisconsin, spoiler alert, it's not cheese.

The most popular dish in Wisconsin is ...

fried fish fillet
Getty Images/iStockphoto

Fried fish! Is there anything more Wisconsin than a good ole Friday fish fry? I think not.

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