With the Special Olympics/Rockford Police Department "Tip a Cop" event on Friday, I thought we should take a look at tipping.

Young woman handing waiter credit card, close-up

Everyone has their own theory on how to properly tip. Is it 15%, 20%, do you round up and just throw a nice amount down? Also how do you properly tip other services?

First off all of this gets thrown out the window on Friday. At The Texas Roadhouse tomorrow from 11a-2p, you get a free lunch. You tip, a big tip, because the money goes to Special Olympics. So the whole what percent do I give thing, doesn't apply. Big tips people.

According to GetRichSlowly here are some helpful hints, a basic guide on how to tip properly.


  • Barista - $1 per cup
  • Waiter - 20% great service, 15% so-so service, 10% bad service
  • Bartender - $1 per cup, 15% total bill

There are other tipping suggestions such as a delivery, coat check, parking, room service, etc.



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