While driving around Rockford, have you seen this Toy Story fan?

Have You Seen The Toy Story Car In Rockford?

I was running some errands around Rockford over the weekend. I was sitting at a stoplight when I noticed something interesting on the back of the jeep in front of me.

The owner had recreated a scene from the movie Toy Story on the back of his vehicle on the spare tire. It is Buzz pulling Woody up into safety.

Have you seen it? Well, if not, take a look for yourself.

Photo By Double T
Photo By Double T

I thought it was pretty darn cool. I give the driver an A for creativity.

My daughter is in college now so it has been a while since I have actually watched any of the Toy Story movies but here is a similar scene from one of the flicks.

Video: Toy Story (1995) - Scud vs Woody, Buzz Chase Scene

Who does not love Buzz and Woody?

Getty Images

Be on the lookout, you might actually see it for yourself in person.

Do You Decorate Your Vehicle?

If you are not too busy texting or talking on your cell while driving around Rockford, you actually might notice some interesting things.

Some people like to give their vehicle some personality by decorating it. I used to do it back in the day. My style was more like chaos with tons of stickers all over the place.

Plus, I had some sort of action figure hanging from the rearview mirror. It has been a while since I have done that.

I think my favorite was a car cruising around downtown Rockford painted up like the Batmobile.

Have you ever decorated any of your cars?

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