Oh, Canada!

Reading that headline you'd think it's Flordia, but nope this act in parenting smartness happened north of the border.

Early Tuesday morning an unidentified 22-year-old was pulled over in Ontario, Canada and charged with failing to properly secure a child after police discovered he had strapped a 2-year-old to a case of beer in the front seat.

It was reported that the child was sitting on a 30-can case of beer to be used as a booster seat.

Thankfully the toddler wasn't injured.

Even though he was charged with failing to ensure the child was properly restrained, the man was given a child seat, but Family and Children's Service was notified on the incident.

I can understand not being able to afford a child seat, but maybe next time strap the kid in the back seat instead of the front.

Just like here, The Ontario Ministry of Transportation has similar child car and booster seat regulations.


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