Today is Lucky Penny Day.

Have you ever heard the saying...

"Find a penny, pick it up, and then all day you will have good luck."

Today celebrates that phrase with "Lucky Penny Day."

When you see a penny on the ground do you pick it up? If you do, will you say the phrase?

I do. In fact, I was walking out of the Coronado after the Kansas show and I saw a penny on the ground. I picked it up and said the saying to myself.

It's funny, because my mom still does it too.

When my daughter was little, I would bring it home and tell her "I found this lucky penny for you." She would get excited and put it in her piggy bank.

Now, I will usually forget about it and the penny goes through the wash in my pants pocket. There is a jar full of change in our laundry room.

I hope when the penny goes through the laundry, it doesn't lose it's luck.

I hope you find a lucky penny today, so you can celebrate.

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