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Devin Hester is now 38 and I'm willing to bet, could still take one to the house.

As a Bears fan, I don't even know where to start with the teams problems this year...But the return game doesn't exist. Tell me the kick returners name for the Chicago Bears, yahhhhh....it doesn't matter. I don't care who you throw back there, it is bad...and when you had the pleasure of watching Devin Hester in a Bears uniform for a few years, everything else sucks.

I had the pleasure of watching him return two in person, his speed was great but it was the way he watched to field open up and then adjust to it. Truly, he was a unique talent, and SHOULD go to the Hall of Fame as the best ever. Remember when the Colts kicked to him to start the Super Bowl? Seems like that was 20 years ago, man he is missed!

20 return touchdowns, over 11,000 return yards? How many yards to the Chicago Bears have total this season, 7?

Well, Happy Birthday Devin Hester...yes, you are RIDICULOUS.


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