Hey bro, your friend isn't turning into a walker.

I can't stop watching Walking Dead. It's one of my favorite shows! I haven't had much time at home recently, but the past two nights I've binged watched The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead with my friend Melissa.

guy kills friend after watching walking dead
Artranq, ThinkStock

Our hearts were pounding, we kept giving each other looks from across the couch, we jumped and screamed at the television. Let's just say it was an intense past few days. Spoiler Alert: Glennnnnnn!!!!! Why!?!? I bet he isn't dead.

Damon Perry, 23, from New Mexico must have watched much more than just four or five episodes of The Walking Dead.

Damon and his friend Christopher Paquin were binge-watching the show and tossing back quite a bit of booze. In Damon's drunken stupor, he told police that he believed his friend was turning into a zombie and was about to bite him according to KOAT.

In order to protect himself 'from his friend he thought was going walker' he beat him with a microwave and a guitar and stabbed him with a knife. He was punching and kicking his friend until he was unconscious. Christopher died and the police said it was one of the most brutal scenes they have ever encountered.

How the police found out something was wrong was because a 911 caller said there was a man chasing a woman around an apartment complex with a knife. Two maintenance men tackled Damon and held him to the ground until police arrived.

Damon is now in custody and has been charged with an open count of murder.



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