Last night Guns N' Roses made history in St Louis.

Photo - Bygone Brand
Photo - Bygone Brand

For the first time in 26 years, Guns N' Roses played St. Louis. If you remember, they were banned after a certain lead singer "might have" caused a riot the last time they played there.

The lifetime ban was lifted on GNR's "Not in This Lifetime" tour and Axl and company rocked St Louis last night.

By all accounts, the band sounded fantastic and by the looks of these pictures, they looked fantastic.

Bygone Brand Apparel of Rockford had their shirts worn by Guns N' Roses last night at this historic rock show. Bygone does amazing Rockford shirts, highlighting places we all used to love in our area. They do retro t-shirts featuring awesome Rockford memories.

Congrats to Keith and Amy Watson from Bygone Brand on the Guns N' Roses love. Myself and Double T  may not be Axl and Slash, but if you wanted to drop some shirts off we wouldn't fight it!